August 13, 2022 5:15 pm

Books and Games

The Lion of Skye by J.T.T. Ryder – Book/Series Review

Every now and then you come to the end of a story you wish could go on for many more books. Sure, every story must reach a solid ending, but that does not mean you want it to end. The Bronze Sword Cycles has been one of those series for me. While I loved Hag

Believe by Sohail Malik – Book Review

Believe by Sohail Malik is a fascinating tale following a young man as he does his best to survive as a religious worshiper in a world where the religious are slaves to those of the state. Joseph is a first-born child, which means at the age of seventeenth he will be ripped from his family

The Turth Behind the Lies – Book Review

Ok, so I have to be honest about this review up front. I did my best to take The Truth Behind the Lies by Sandra Kay Darnell. I tried to take it at face value and be as objective as possible in my reading, but I honestly found it very difficult to do so and I will explain why as I continue this review.

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