Fantasicland: A Novel, By Mike Bockoven – Audiobook Version

FantasticLand: A Novel by Mike Bockoven is a fantastic book, I just finished the audiobook version on Audible. Many audiobooks are a dull droll that can leave you half asleep by the time you finish. Now this is not say that FantasticLand’s only thing going for it is the stellar performances of the voice actors involved. Far from it. The story itself is done in an original way that can keep a person interested in what will happen next.

This fictional story is written in a journalistic way, covering the violent events that take place in a theme park after some employees remain in it for a prolonged period after its hurricane induced closure. The story is a mockumentary of sorts, containing various interviews from people and transcripts from video and court cases. This novel reads like many true crime books, which leads to the audio version feeling like a true crime podcast of sorts.

This book is a must read if you are fond of mockumentary and horror genres. It will keep you interested with both amazing writing and voice acting.

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