Coping with Dyslexia Part 1. A handy tool!

So it’s not something I like to talk about often, but I am dyslexic. Clearly I have gotten over most of the issue as I can read and spell with less issue than I used to have. This has been with years of practice, spell checking and of course various programs that will help me edit what would probably be a fairly confusing and phonetically spelled mess. One program, the one I write most of my posts on before spitting them out to the public is ProWritingAid, not only does it check your spelling and sentence structure, but it also explains why the suggested changes you should make! It has helped me get a better understanding on how to improve my writing over the last few years of using it!

That explanation itself is why it’s my favorite writing program right now. It’s great to find corrections, it’s better when you can read why your being corrected so you can improve! You can check out ProWritingAid at the link below!


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