The Letter – Visual Novel

The Letter is a supernatural horror visual novel developed and published by Yangyang Mobile. It is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, IOS and Android. This means you can play it on pretty much anything you own as long as it uses one of those five operating systems, and lets be honest, that is pretty much everything except the various game consoles.

Though some of you may have some questions such as, what is a visual novel? A visual novel is a story accompanied by visuals, sort of like a graphic novel except with an interactive touch in video game form. You can often, though not always, choose how your adventure goes by making choices that interact with story. The Letter is one of those in which you have some control over what you do. This is mostly done through questions other characters ask and the answer you choose affects the relationship you have with the other characters, which determines later aspects of the story.

It should be noted that this is a horror visual novel, so not suitable for everyone, though if you are a fan of horror and mystery the images and descriptions in the writing are no worse than things you have already seen or read. Though I always feel a desire to warn people when there may be anything that could make an individual uncomfortable. Better to be safe than risk offending.

Now back to The Letter. This story starts off with a bang and keeps you interested in not only why supernatural things are happening to the characters, but the characters themselves. The story is non-linear so you travel through the story of seven individual characters who have their own tales but also interconnect with the others so eventually as you finish all seven chapters you get to learn the entire story. This may not sound like much for a ‘game’ but there is a massive amount of replay and rereading value as the story can change depending on non-linear you make.

There are a few different endings but I won’t spoil them, I only played the game through once myself but am looking forward to going back to it.

If you are a fan of horror and mystery, or just visual novels, The Letter is a must!

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