A handy tool! – oTranscribe

Do you have to transcribe a lot but don’t want to pay for it and hate switching back and forth, always having to jump between your media player and your document to fast forward, rewind or pause? Well, I do and hate having to do that. So in a desperate desire to find an easier way to avoid it, I scoured the internet and found oTranscribe!

It’s a handy little free to use browser based application that allows you to transcribe from audio files and YouTube videos. It lets you pause, rewind, much more easily than if you had to constantly jump between programs. I usually upload all my interviews on to non-listed videos on YouTube so I can use them on oTranscribe to make my transcription process easier. Sure its not as easy as paying a company to transcribe a video for you, but we don’t all have that kind of dough to hand out, particularly in these trouble times.

It was created by Elliot Bentley, though in 2018 he turned it over to MuckRock.

Check it out! https://otranscribe.com/

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