So when I started this blog, I had intended it for book and game reviews. Though as I went through the internet and discovered fascinating sites to help me when I picked up interviews with streamers and authors, I found OTranscribe, which I wrote about a few weeks ago. While learning about OTranscibe, I learned it was part of the MuckRock foundation, which naturally made me curious. What the heck was a MuckRock? 

How I had not known about this group previously simply proves how little the average person knows about the process of filing for public records. And in that I poorly segue in to what exactly MuckRock is!

MuckRock is a news site that collaborates with everything from researchers and journalists to activists and ordinary people. The site holds thousands of pages of government files and information on how to request one you need for your personal research projects. Now I will not be going in to this process here as, honestly, I am no expert at that and my knowledge of public record law is limited. I would, however, suggest MuckRock to find out this information as their site has helpful information you can use to figure out your process.

This site has an interesting type of journalism that I find refreshing in a world where the major new outlets have all taken a political side. So if you want access to actual record based information that has not been watered down by opinion and left or right ideology. I suggest MuckRock for your research needs.

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