Beastly Desires

Alright, so it is well known that I love visual novels and romance stories. And honestly I really wanted to join Genius Inc’s Beastly Desires but I just could not. Allow me to explain.

Beastly Desires is your average otome game, I played it on the Android. And I have to say many of the otome games found on Google Play have amazing stories you can get excited to progress though. This game, however, was not one of them. Now I played my way through this visual novel as I assume most would, without paying for rubies to get through parts of the story.

Sure you can watch a video and play a game once a day to get points to trade for the rubies, but unless you are wiling $2.49 FOR 20 rubies (that’s the cheapest option), you are limited in what you can do. The way the story plays out, it feels as though you are missing enormous gaps in character development behind micro transactions. And I get it. Genius Inc needs to make money. A lot of games made for phones work this way, they give you a free game and cash in on payments you make to get more stuff. Sadly, this game seems to suffer for it.

Now the story in and of itself is not terrible, it’s not the best thing I have read, but it’s not the worst. The characters seem nice enough, though if you can not afford rubies you will not get to know them enough to make them feel like more than background props.

All in all, I’d say it’s an ok game. But unless you will dish out for the micro transactions, you won’t get much out of the story. Despite my dislike of this game, I will probably try more of Genius Inc’s games in the future as a comparison at the very least. Perhaps they did better with other releases.

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