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My favorite 7 Days to Die Modpack!

So now and then you play a game in to the ground and need something to give you a boost, right? I know I do, so I like to experiment with mods. Lately I have picked up playing 7 Days to Die single player. Why? Because some times you want to shoot the heck out of zombies and get away from issues of other people. Or you know, you’re just an introverted nerd like me.

So I spent some time trying out some mods and came up with a list that gave me the most challenging, and most enjoyable experience. So without further rambling, here you are. 

War3zuk Mods All in One

This is a modpack for 7 Days to Die that I found on This pack changes a good deal of the game, so if you are looking for a vanilla experience, this is not for you. However, if you have played the game to death and want to explore the creations long time players have made to improve the game. I would strongly suggest this.

There are about 49 mods in here. I say about because modpacks can change all the time as games are updated and mods are added or removed to fit the progress of a game. Though I’ve been using this pack for a while and have had no issues. If you want a change of pace, I suggest this pack.

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My Obsession with Anne McCaffrey books

Anne McCaffrey has been my favorite author since I was about fifteen. Though my interest in her work started much earlier than that! My mother had picked up the books long before, I even had any idea reading could be fun! I heard her speaking to a friend about it. Though, unfortunately, I had a rather severe case of dyslexia growing up. In fact, it is probably still noticeable from time to time. 

Anyway, I wanted to know more about the story I heard my mother talking to her friends about, but it was entirely out of my reading skill area. So it was some years and a lot of hard work before I could finally pick up the books she spoke about so often. So I was about sixteen when I picked up The Dragonriders of Pern. For someone who still had a slight issue with reading, I am it was quiet the large book, three novels in one after all.

Soon however I found I adored this story so much that I sucked it up. Now I had to read it a few times to fully grasp the entire content. My reading comprehension as a teenager was still lacking, I had until this point avoided it as heavily as characters, given it had been so hard for so long. 

So what was it that kept me so interested and continues to bring me back years later? The characters.

The characters, you say? But Tawny, why is that? Well, the characters are the type you can get into, realistic and exciting to learn about! I do need to say, it’s not just the Pern series with fantastic characters, its every one she produced, and she gave us a lot of books during her life.

So if you want to get in to Anne McCaffrey’s rather large bibliography, where should you start?

I say start with Dragonflight, the first book in the Dragonriders of Pern!

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Global Investigative Journalism Network

What is the Global Investigative Journalism Network? Well, it is more or less exactly what it sounds like! GIJN is a group of multi-international investigative network for journalists all over the world. The group comprises over 8,000 journalists in 140 countries. They provide these journalists with recourses and the best training possible.

So why am I a blogger of books and games doing writing about this group? Because in this world of social media drowned half-facts taking from nonobjective single sided secondary and tertiary sources, there needs to be knowledge that there are still people who work to expose truth and facts.

I first learned about the Global Investigative Journalism Network when I did a brief article on MuckRock some weeks back. I was pleased to find a site and learn that there are others who get their information from reliable sources and FOIA documents. How novel to get your information from a primary source! Yes, that was sarcasm in that last sentence.

If you want solid news from reliable sources, check out the groups tied to GIJN.

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A Naughty Proposal for his Winter Countess By Ava MacAdams

A Naughty Proposal for his Winter Countess is a steamy romance novel by Ava MacAdams. Romance novels are a recent addition to my reading collection. I avoided them rather heavily throughout my younger years, mostly worried people in school, or my parents, would mock me for enjoying the genre. That in mind, I adore the genre now that I give no shits what people think about my reading habits.

With that in mind, it has been fun to explore the newly discovered, though fairly old, genre. With the new desire to search for stories, I stumbled on Ava MacAdams. I’ve now read two of this author’s works. This one in particular I could get an advanced reading copy of by subscribing to the author’s email lists. Now this book came out over a month ago now, but I think it is still worth reviewing here, beyond what I did on amazon and good reads.

As stated before, this is a steamy romance which means I will not be going into detail on some aspects, as I enjoy maintaining my ad revenue options compliments of WordPress. However, if you enjoy that sort of story then this is a must read of a novel.

The story is entertaining, though similar has been told in the past, the way MacAdams goes about this one is certainly worth reading. The characters are colorful and while I was able to guess the villain; I do have to admit that there was a major twist in the story’s climax that I did not expect to see happen. I do have to say here, that a good romance novel, like any good novel, follows a certain pattern of their genre, so sometimes you can figure out the end, or even expect to know what sort of ending you will get. If you don’t like this, go read a mystery. As far as romance novels go, particularly ones of the regency era subgenre, this is a brilliant story and should be read by anyone who enjoys a steamy regency romance.