A Naughty Proposal for his Winter Countess By Ava MacAdams

A Naughty Proposal for his Winter Countess is a steamy romance novel by Ava MacAdams. Romance novels are a recent addition to my reading collection. I avoided them rather heavily throughout my younger years, mostly worried people in school, or my parents, would mock me for enjoying the genre. That in mind, I adore the genre now that I give no shits what people think about my reading habits.

With that in mind, it has been fun to explore the newly discovered, though fairly old, genre. With the new desire to search for stories, I stumbled on Ava MacAdams. I’ve now read two of this author’s works. This one in particular I could get an advanced reading copy of by subscribing to the author’s email lists. Now this book came out over a month ago now, but I think it is still worth reviewing here, beyond what I did on amazon and good reads.

As stated before, this is a steamy romance which means I will not be going into detail on some aspects, as I enjoy maintaining my ad revenue options compliments of WordPress. However, if you enjoy that sort of story then this is a must read of a novel.

The story is entertaining, though similar has been told in the past, the way MacAdams goes about this one is certainly worth reading. The characters are colorful and while I was able to guess the villain; I do have to admit that there was a major twist in the story’s climax that I did not expect to see happen. I do have to say here, that a good romance novel, like any good novel, follows a certain pattern of their genre, so sometimes you can figure out the end, or even expect to know what sort of ending you will get. If you don’t like this, go read a mystery. As far as romance novels go, particularly ones of the regency era subgenre, this is a brilliant story and should be read by anyone who enjoys a steamy regency romance.


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