Global Investigative Journalism Network

What is the Global Investigative Journalism Network? Well, it is more or less exactly what it sounds like! GIJN is a group of multi-international investigative network for journalists all over the world. The group comprises over 8,000 journalists in 140 countries. They provide these journalists with recourses and the best training possible.

So why am I a blogger of books and games doing writing about this group? Because in this world of social media drowned half-facts taking from nonobjective single sided secondary and tertiary sources, there needs to be knowledge that there are still people who work to expose truth and facts.

I first learned about the Global Investigative Journalism Network when I did a brief article on MuckRock some weeks back. I was pleased to find a site and learn that there are others who get their information from reliable sources and FOIA documents. How novel to get your information from a primary source! Yes, that was sarcasm in that last sentence.

If you want solid news from reliable sources, check out the groups tied to GIJN.

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