My Three favorite WoW Addons

So I do not talk about it much here, but I play a lot of World of Warcraft. More so, as is probably easy to guess, I am a massive nerd who plays on an RP server. If you do not know what RP is, it stands for Role Play. Now there are a lot of addons for World of Warcraft, but we are going to go over the main three I used to give myself the nerdiest, and easiest time of thing. That being said, I have found a few of handy addons throughout the years that make this experience much more pleasant.

The first is Total Roleplay 3. Now this is an addon used commonly on RP servers, it allows you to write a profile about your character. With various template options, you can get as basic or detailed as you like. There are also a few addons for this addon which allow you to expand your role play experience, such as, if you get the TRP3 Extended addon for TRP3, you can create your own items and trade with people who also have the addon.

Next one I enjoy is Musician! This addon is another popular RP addition, though not as commonly seen as TRP3. You can use it to play MIDI files of songs in the game. This is great for more social RP gatherings.

This next addon, WIM, is a super useful one. Now if you can remember the 90s clearly, like myself, you can probably figure out this stands for WoW Instant Messenger. By default, your whispers simply show up in your chat tab. Sure, you can make new tabs for them, but that can get hard to manage. WIM has whispers pop up in individual boxes, you can move around the screen and open and close easily! Much like the old messenger applications of by-gone days. This makes keeping track of various conversations at once!

If you are interested in these, you should download the CurseForge application for your desktop. Yes, I know the rumors about this application but I have been using it since it came out with no issues. Plus, it is the easiest way to install new addons!

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