Another amazing Ava MacAdams Regency Romance!

So I love a good Romance novel. You all know that, and I have also had the privilege and joy of being an arc reader for Ava MacAdams. Here we have another of her wonderful works, A Courtesan Countess Worth the Scandal. I have to. This novel absolutely impressed me! It is going on the top of my list of new favorite romances.

A Courtesan who’s had enough of being treated like a plaything for men to get by. She lets lose their secrets by writing about them in local scandal sheets. This naturally amuses her peers, empowers many of the local women to defend themselves, and naturally earns to ire of every man she’s spoken ill of. Despite using a pen name, most know it is her behind the nomenclature. Who else could know these stories? One gentleman who witnesses her mistreatment ends up stepping in as her protector. Though the two are more closely tied than they could have ever thought!

As with other works by Ava MacAdams, this story collects the best parts of regency era romance novels, with a color flavor that makes the story as interesting as the ‘steamy’ scenes many read romance books for.

This, like the other books by MacAdams that I have reviewed, I sincerely suggest you pick up if you are a fan of the genre.

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