Essential Housing Tools for ESO

Yes, another post about a game addon. Why do I keep spitting these out? Simple. I enjoy addons and mods. Now I push that we should only use these sorts of things after we have enjoyed a game properly. That being how it is provided by the developers, and one would hope how they intended it to be enjoyed. But some additions like mods and addons keep something from becoming to stagnate.

That being said, we move on to The Elder Scrolls Online. This is a game I play casually. Well, let’s be honest, I play pretty much everything casually because I do it for the role play. Why? I love to write and it helps me keep myself creative. I am a nerd; I know.

Today we are only looking at one Addon. Essential Housing Tools. 

EHT as it is more common known is an addon which adds to the already amazing housing system that ESO has going for it. It allows for additional ways of placing items and even lets you arrange ‘scenes’ so you can move items when you interact with another. It’s great for creating elevators, opening doors or lowering a drawbridge! Why would you need to do these things? Simple answer. It’s fun!

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