The Marchioness of his Desire

Here we have another romance by Ava MacAdams. Yes, I seem to inhale these stories rather quickly. I love this romance novel, like her others. This one is steamy, but I did not find it overly so. The main characters get hot and heavy but if you are reading for that you will have to wait till the end. This book is heavy on the story. Which, in my opinion, is a good thing.

From the beginning of this novel, you know that Rebecca and her younger sister are in a bit of a pickle. They live with an uncle who will go to some pretty heavy extremes to get money he wants. I will not spoil how far the man will go, but he certainly comes off as the classic money hungry villain.

This story involves a bit of a love triangle. Rebecca is engaged to one fellow, though after being caught in the passionate embrace of a childhood friend ends up marrying him instead. After all, the period the book takes place in required a much more strict since of propriety than we do today.

Their marriage appears fairly content, the two getting along well and genuinely are in love. Naturally, this would make for a terribly boring novel. A couple of issues arise, including a woman popping up who claims to be the expectant mother of the new husband’s child! All very shocking, yes. The story culminates in a rather surprising end, leading to the expected happily ever after.

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