History Hit

First of all, this isn’t an ad, it is a genuine review of a website I adore.

Are you a history nerd? I am, and I wear it with pride. I can sit back and inhale any topic of it for any extended period. If I could, I would spend all day with my head in a history book, or various websites. Sadly, this is impossible, so I have to consolidate the locations and time I spend doing so. I used to turn to YouTube for my fill of historical information, though they may not always be accurate, until I found History Hit.

For a low subscription fee, I pay $4.99 USD as month, you can get access to hundreds of history videos, podcasts and articles. History Hit has content on everything from ancient history, to medieval, 20th century and a lot more. And trust me, they do not limit the content to the famous well-known people either. This is content for people truly interested in history. I am particularly interested in the middle ages content they provide and never find myself disappointed.

I strongly suggest this site, if you are interested in history at all!

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