Restoree by Anne McCaffrey

As readers of my previous posts may know, I have an obsession with Anne McCaffrey’s various works. So this year I took on the personal quest to read all of her works as I had only read The Dragonriders of Pern series before now. So I decided I would read everything in the order of publication. Starting with Restoree.

This is a Sci Fi book, as most of Anne McCaffrey’s stories are, as well as a romance. Now, as with most of my book reviews I will not go to deeply in to the story as I do not want to ruin plot points. (Even though this book came out decades ago.) But it is an original story with interesting Sci Fi aspects that continue to interest even now in our technology heavy modern 2020s. In some ways even more so. The imaginative technology in the book touched on briefly but it is interesting none the less.

At its core Restoree begins as an alien abductee story. A woman is pulled from her home on Earth, goes through torturous transformations, and comes out on a planet with other human like people. From there she has to learn not only the language but how to explore not only a new home but the political and social intricacies of a new world. Plus an odd repulsion most have to her when they hear her story.

In short, as I have said with previous Anne McCaffrey books, if you are a fan of sci fi read this! Particularly if you are fond of a romance story on the side!

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