The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey

Another Anne McCaffrey book? You bet your butt! This time I read the first part of the Brainship series. Unlike the previous reviews done by Anne McCaffrey novels, this one is a heavy sci-fi story. Her previous works I have covered have had fantasy touches or heavy romance additions. And while this one has a heavy influence in it based on love and emotion in general, it is at its core a science fiction story.

The Ship Who Sang is heartbreaking from the start. In this futuristic world, children born with physical deformities but fully functioning minds are physically altered to live life as the minds of ships. Allowing them to travel the universe, though also be indebted to the company that provided their new metal body.

This mechanical body allows the person to live for centuries. However, as wonderful as this sounds, it also means they are expected to go through many shorter lived pilot partners. This leads to some emotional issues as it can be heartbreaking when someone you spend every day with finally passes away. More so if it happens suddenly.

This book will break your heart, but it will also leave your mind wandering as you enjoy the fantastic world the author has carved out for your enjoyment. If you enjoy sci-fi, pick this up. You are in for an adventure!

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