A Spinster for the Rakish Duke by Ava MacAdams, a review

A Spinster for the Rakish Duke is Ava MacAdam’s newest addition. I was lucky enough to get an arc copy of this book and I have to say it was a lovely book. The third book in the Notorious Sisters of London series this book can be read on its own, though I heavily suggest the other two as well. My one complaint would be the title of this book, which I will explain momentarily. Now allowed me to get in to the nitty gritty of this book.

As with previous books Ava MacAdam’s provides a wonderful story of enduring love with a tiny bit of mystery. The female protagonist Emma fits well in to the time frame in which the story takes place, and her issues are believable and well placed. Though I found some of her reasoning towards the end of the book to be flimsy, I had to remind myself that she was a woman in love.

The male protagonist, Donovan, is where my issue with the title of the book comes in. While he may have a couple of moments with Emma that could be rakish in nature, these moments remain private, (for the most part) his public reputation is one of a fairly respectable Duke. (Unless you are a solicitor, anyway.)

All in all, aside from my issue with the title choice, which I know is chosen to grab attention as all book titles are I have to say that this is yet another fantastic romance by Ava MacAdam’s and should be read by both fans of the author and historical romances.

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