The Dragon’s Touchstone

The Dragon’s Touchstone by Irene Radford is an interesting fantasy novel. I know this is an older book, but not one I would have picked up this one on my own. I got it as part of a program at my local library that mails you random books based on preferences you send them. I honestly expected little from this adventure in literature, but I was pleasantly surprised when this new discovery showed up on my doorstep. Since most of what I read these days is digital, it was also nice to get my hands on a physical book for a bit.

In this world, battles are decided less by the soldiers who fight them, and more by the mages who plan out and fling spells to fight for and protect the lords they serve. This makes battlemages high in demand. And extremely deadly.

One Mage has decided he wants to end the wars that are more or less just between mages. So he sets out on a journey to see a lord who wants to see peace settled on to the throne. In the process, he meets a woman who is being guided by dragons!

This story amazingly combines a creative fantasy world and a story of a man who simply wants to see the world at peace, or at least his home country, and actually can make that happen. If only he can get people to agree to work with the dragons.

If you enjoy fantasy, particularly epics, this is a must read for you! It is part of a larger series but you can read it alone.

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