The Last Battlemage

The Last Battlemage is the squeal to The Dragon’s Touchstone, so if you have not read that one I strongly suggest you pick it up before you look at this one. Now on to the review.

This book picks up right after the events of The Dragon’s Touchstone. It better expands on the Irene Radford’s fantasy world, bringing us to places that we had not been in the first book. This already amazing fantasy world is made even more impressive when you are allowed to see the size of it. World building is a complicated process, and it is always satisfying to pick up a book where the author has provided a world that feels alive.

I will say, while this is an excellent book, I do not think The Last Battlemage is as good as The Dragon’s Touchstone but if you read the first, this one is worth picking up if you want to see the conclusion of the story and how the characters complete their journey. It is an amazing story for fantasy fans.

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