Dust by Elizabeth Bear

I recently picked up the book Dust, the first novel in a series by Elizabeth Bear. And it was certainly an experience. Though perhaps not one I will be repeating. Which is a pity because I always enjoy a good book series. It is a well-written and presented book. However, this sci-fi story feels far too experimental for me. It has a curious world, that could have been wonderful to visit, but its technology was far too soft in explanation for my liking. 

This story also has a lot of biblical elements, which is not a bad thing. I enjoy a good allegory or metaphor or various other forms of representation, but I did not see any of this in the story I read. Perhaps I missed something. I left the book with a strange feeling of ‘what did I just read?’

While I did not enjoy it, I can suggest this book for people who enjoy more creative and experimental science fiction.

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