The Spyder in the Cracked Mirror

Now and then, you pick up the start of a series that leaves you wanting more. A tale that has wrapped up cleanly but with enough enough loose ends to tie in to the next book. The Spyder in the Cracked Mirror by Syrena Seale is one of these books. Book one of the Entropy Beckoning Chronicles, this sci-fi novel leaves you with a curious combination of fear, sadness and adoration for characters who can be as far from human as you can imagine. 

This novel is a rough tale of abuse, affection, brainwashing and going to some extremes to achieve your dream. I know, heavy topics, but handled wonderfully and inside an entertaining tale that by the end leaves you wondering what is going to happen.

The characters are well rounded and you genuinely feel for the trials the characters go through. The story itself is interesting, sending you back and forth through the memories of the main character as you follow him through his very dark and dangerous adventure. 

If you enjoy science fiction with entertaining alien species, some of which can have some very dark, but realistic personalities, this is a must read for you!

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