Everyone is Tulip

So, we have another graphic novel to review! Much like with the last one that I got my hands on this copy of Everyone is Tulip was sent to me via an ad I put up through Facebook and Instagram. This time it was Dave Baker looking for podcasts to go on to and discuss this new work. Sadly, I am not a podcaster but he was willing to let me read and review Everyone is Tulip, anyway! And I have to say I have been absolutely blown away!

The story of Everyone is Tulip is difficult to get through. Not because it is bad, far from it the story is amazingly well written, but because of the emotions it causes. The series of events that shape Becca, or Tulip as she comes to be called, are both realistic and heartbreaking. And it resonates, particularly if you are an artistic type.

Now the art of Everyone of Tulip is also lovely. It fits the story well. Full of colorful pinks and blues and then suddenly darker fit the mood of each scene perfectly. I enjoyed the artwork so much, I actually went through it a second time to properly enjoy the art by itself. Which in and of itself says something as I often find myself reading a graphic novel once and not picking it up again for a few months.

Everyone is Tulip should be read by every fan of graphic novels. More so, if you are an artistic type of any format. Seriously, pick this up and add it to your collection. I know I intend to go back to it again and again. Dave Baker, Nicole Goux and Ellie Hall have created a brilliant work.

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