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I love video games. In fact, there are very few that I have played that I do not enjoy in some manner. That was how I first stumbled on Humble Bundle. The promise of a variety of games easily pulled me in for a fairly inexpensive amount of money. It was even better to find out that some of the money I was spending was going to a charity. I love to support a charity when I am able. When Humble Bundle added more than video games, I was super excited. I have purchased quite a few of their book bundles now as well.

Now the catch is Humble Bundles change regularly and while some of them are amazing, some of them may not be for everyone. The important thing is to check regularly and see if you can find one you like. So is Humble Bundle worth using? If it has something you like? Yes! It very much is.

Right now they have the Find a Cure bundle which has tones of assets people who are looking to create games can use!

If you are interested in checking out the Find a Cure bundle and gaining hundreds of assets for your future game, you can find it here!

Horse Power Games and Scott Ullenberg

So every now and then I like to play some really obscure games. For no real reason other than the concept amuses me or the game play seems to be interesting. So when I got a message from Scott Ullenberg of Horse Power Games I figured I could give his games a look. Now I can’t lie and say I played all of them, but I did give Dungeon Rescue, Sumoo Warriors and Lazy Quest a try. He also volunteered for some interview questions, which I will add to the end of this.

As a whole the games are all reminiscent of old school NES period RPG games. The graphics are pixel art and the controls have your basic RPG feel. The stories are different but entertaining and as a whole I would say they are worth playing if you are looking for something to spend some down time on.

Scott’s games can be found at

Tawny: How did you come up with these crazy game ideas?

Scott: I’d like to say that I do a lot of work on these ideas, but I get them based on several things. It comes from making a game that I would like to play. The idea for Sumoo Warrior came from wanting to make a role playing game like Pokémon, but with a twist and Cows just seemed funny. Okay, the ideas are sometimes funny or wanting to make a unique game.

Tawny: What do you do other than create these games?

Scott: My full-time job is driving a semi. I know that doesn’t make sense, a truck driver who makes games. The job allows me time to work on them and it keeps me busy.

Tawny: Which of your published games is your favorite?

Scott: Like any parent, I don’t really have a favorite, but there are games that are special. Lazy Quest comes to mind. It is part RPG quest game and part Sims. It takes place in your grandparent’s house and you not only have to do things for them, you have to take care of yourself. 

Tawny: Do you have more in the future?

Scott: I have several more that I’m working on. One is an isometric version of Spy Hunter. I have a horror game too.

Tawny: Your games are pretty niche, entertaining though, do you plan to expand at all?

Scott: I’ve made notes for a sequel to Sumoo Warrior and Duck Wars will eventually be an online multi-player. I will also be expanding the ‘one room-one hundred level ‘ series. Bumper Betty and Galaxy Pop are part of that. What that means is, when you finish all 100 levels, you get a code to send me and I’ll send back a Certificate of Achievement. 

Final Winter – A Game Review

Final Winter came to me via a message reply to one of my advertisements. I never would have heard of this game if one of the developers had not reached out to me. Which is unfortunate because this game is probably the most fun I have had losing in years. Now I know what you are thinking. Probably something like. “You had fun losing a game?” Yes. Yes, I did. Some games you play to win but do not always expect to. Let’s talk more about this game.

Final Winter is a described as an RPG with Speedrunning elements on its Steam page. Though I would say it is more like a roguelike but you get 30 lives. A village is cursed and most of the people have left, though the remaining villagers and strangers come to the village hoping to gain rewards, travel in to the caverns one at a time to stop the curse. Here’s the catch, you only have ten minutes to do it! To do this, you play through a dungeon crawl, learning various skills which are inherited by the next villager when you die. I suppose I should say if you die, but I died a lot, it just became a when.

These skills you learn as you go allow you to find quicker ways through each dungeon level, eventually allowing you to easily traverse each level so it is entirely possible to make it in the limited time frame. They also made the combat to be quick. It uses only the space key, requiring you to simply tap it at the right time!

Beyond creative game play and story the soundtrack to this game is amazing. I particularly enjoyed the battle themes that played on each level while fighting creatures. The music fits the already amazingly designed levels, and the well-drawn characters and monsters. 

This game is well made, entertaining, and inexpensive. It is a must play for fans of roguelikes, or speedrunners, or those who just want to experience a fast-paced dungeon crawler!

Final Winter can be found on Steam and guess what? You can also pick up the amazing soundtrack! I strongly suggest Final Winter for all gamers. And to keep an eye on Space Heater Games for future projects!

I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child – A Comic Review

So when I stumbled on this comic though an advertisement on Facebook for Tappy Toons. I love to read so I am always open to picking up something new. Now I have a lot of various reading apps on my phones. Most of them are filled with trashy novels that I find are entertaining to read. Others are filled with comics from various places in the world. The one thing that interested me in reading this one on Tappy Toons was the fact that I could read the first three chapters for free. Which gave me enough time to decide if I would want to continue to read the rest.

I found that despite the title making you wonder what sort of nonsense you are getting into; I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child is a rather fascinating romance and adventure story. It centers on the difficulties a female knight named Elan experiences after a drunken festival night has her waking up in the bed of a cruel and deadly Emperor. As the title of the comic may inform you, she ends up pregnant and flees to try to find a safe place for herself and her child, fearful he may try to kill them.

Now I will say this comic is still being released on Tappy Toons, and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the story turns out. Now I know there are plenty of websites you can read these things for free, but I strongly suggest you use the legal apps and websites so that the creators can be properly supported.

I strongly suggest this comic for fans of dramatic romances, fantasy, and various types of graphic novels.

Rift World a Video Game review

Look at this cutie, I almost feel bad blowing them up.

So I am pretty picky about the video games I enjoy playing. I am more of a story over game play sort. So the idea of picking up Rift World came off feeling a little like a chore. Oh great, a FPS, even with a fantasy feel to it I could not help but remember how much I suck at shooters. I simply have no aim. But in wanting to give this game, and it’s developers the benefit of the doubt, I played the demo. And I am glad that I did.

Now as mentioned before Rift World is a FPS were you play as a mage. You are traveling between rifts and use various magic spells to attack elementals and explode parts of the scenery, like barrels, creatures, and chests to add to your health and mana, which once full, go in to a spare pots for you to use when needed. Which I thought was pretty interesting. I enjoy the idea of being able to build one’s stores. It gives you a little leeway but also requires you to plan, unlike games that seem to provide you with a never ending supply of potions.

Now beyond the basic game play, you can double jump and dash. I found that in using these aspects I could make use of my time in the air, raining pewpew doom down on the elements who like to swarm. Oh yes, you need to be quick, because when I say swarm, I mean swarm; I had tiny elementals come flying at me so many times. However, despite continuous death, I had fun throughout the demo.

So what is the final consensus on Rift World? I am hoping to play the full game when it comes out. For now however, we are limited to playing the demo, which can be found on steam. Also if you want to support the game, here are the various links provided to me by lead developer Nick Paladino.

I want moreeeeeee

One after thought. Why do I find rock slugs so cute?

To Spy On a Devilish Duke – Ava MacAdams a Review

To Spy on a Devilish Duke is another delightful and steamy novel by Ava MacAdams. This one follows the journey of Emily Jones, the attendant of an English dowager duchess, who is secretly a French spy, raised in an orphanage and taught the secrets of the trade by the owner of the orphanage, who is really a French spy herself. As with all of MacAdams’ romance novels, this one is steamy, and it heats quickly, but while those aspects are well written, the story in this one is quiet good and I wanted to learn more.

The characters are well rounded, many of them are returning characters from the author’s previous works, though this is the first time the main characters of this novel have been focused on. (This is the third installment of the Bachelor’s Pact books.) As this is a romance, the story is heavily character driven and dives deeply in to the development of the characters; we learn about their pasts, their current turmoils and their hopes for the future.

Overall, this is a wonderful story and if you are a fan of a steamy romance, I suggest you pick it up.

The Last Shimmer by Sage Hyatt – A Review!

As someone who grew up with dyslexia, I take literature for children seriously. So I was super pleased when I got a message asking if I would be interested in reviewing a book written by a young lady. (Yes, I know I sound like an old lady as I type that.) How could someone who grew up wanting to write pass on such an idea? So I looked at the information and almost instantly signed up. They sent the Last Shimmer to me rather quickly, and I inhaled the tale.

Tiger Lilly Dander wakes up one day to find everyone she knows seems to be gone! Soon she finds out shadows are responsible. They have stolen the Shimmers of the world and seek hers as well! How she gets through this horrific scenario is both entertaining and heartwarming.

The Last Shimmer is an amazingly creative story. Not only is this story original but the way they executed the writing is fantastic. The way the story’s viewpoint moves from the main character to her shadow comfortably is fantastically done. It can be hard to fit different points of view in to one book, particularly shorter ones, but it is done very well in The Last Shimmer.

Beyond the creativeness of the storytelling, this tale is a tad spooky. Could you imagine if your shadow took over your body? Really, the idea spooks me a bit.

The Last Shimmer is an excellent piece of Middle Grade fiction and if you like a spooky adventure, I would suggest picking it up. And perhaps take a look at Sage Hyatt’s other work. I know I will be keeping an eye on her writing career.

You can pick up The Last Shimmer here!

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