To Spy On a Devilish Duke – Ava MacAdams a Review

To Spy on a Devilish Duke is another delightful and steamy novel by Ava MacAdams. This one follows the journey of Emily Jones, the attendant of an English dowager duchess, who is secretly a French spy, raised in an orphanage and taught the secrets of the trade by the owner of the orphanage, who is really a French spy herself. As with all of MacAdams’ romance novels, this one is steamy, and it heats quickly, but while those aspects are well written, the story in this one is quiet good and I wanted to learn more.

The characters are well rounded, many of them are returning characters from the author’s previous works, though this is the first time the main characters of this novel have been focused on. (This is the third installment of the Bachelor’s Pact books.) As this is a romance, the story is heavily character driven and dives deeply in to the development of the characters; we learn about their pasts, their current turmoils and their hopes for the future.

Overall, this is a wonderful story and if you are a fan of a steamy romance, I suggest you pick it up.

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