I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child – A Comic Review

So when I stumbled on this comic though an advertisement on Facebook for Tappy Toons. I love to read so I am always open to picking up something new. Now I have a lot of various reading apps on my phones. Most of them are filled with trashy novels that I find are entertaining to read. Others are filled with comics from various places in the world. The one thing that interested me in reading this one on Tappy Toons was the fact that I could read the first three chapters for free. Which gave me enough time to decide if I would want to continue to read the rest.

I found that despite the title making you wonder what sort of nonsense you are getting into; I Got Pregnant with the Tyrant’s Child is a rather fascinating romance and adventure story. It centers on the difficulties a female knight named Elan experiences after a drunken festival night has her waking up in the bed of a cruel and deadly Emperor. As the title of the comic may inform you, she ends up pregnant and flees to try to find a safe place for herself and her child, fearful he may try to kill them.

Now I will say this comic is still being released on Tappy Toons, and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the story turns out. Now I know there are plenty of websites you can read these things for free, but I strongly suggest you use the legal apps and websites so that the creators can be properly supported.

I strongly suggest this comic for fans of dramatic romances, fantasy, and various types of graphic novels.

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