Alchemist Assault

Alchemist Assault is a fantastic sequel to Alchemist Apprentice. It picks up shortly after the conclusion of the first book. Sam, the main character, is continuing to try to adjust to life in the academy, though because of the damage to the library from the first book, he has lost his favorite place to spend most of his time studying. Aside from this minor conflict, the town the Academy is in has been attacked. As is prone to happen with Sam, he ends up tied up in a conflict involving these people. Some of which are much more closely tied to previous conflict than he could ever guess.

I enjoyed this story. Though unfortunately, I found I could guess some villains from the beginning of the story. This was slightly disappointing, as it seemed a bit too obvious. Aside from this issue I found I enjoyed the rest of the story. I enjoyed the further evolution of Sam and his friends and I have found I have become more and more interested in how alchemy and magic work in this world.

Over all I say that Alchemist Assault is a wonderful second novel, and I am looking forward to the next installment.

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