NIght Book – Video Game Review

Night Book is an interactive full motion horror video game. A choose your own adventure movie where every action you make has some sort of effect on the outcome of the story. Think of it as playing through a horror movie with fifteen different endings! 

Now full motion games have been around for a very long time. There were dozens of them back in the 90s. I will not go through listing them, but if you google FMV games, you will find a list you can work your way through. Many of them are horror.

Night Book follows a pregnant interpreter dealing with an apparently mentally ill father while working night shifts. From there, how she comes in contact with a cursed book having its contents read out loud can vary depending on what choices you make. Which allows for this game to have a lot of replay value. I have played this game a lot, and each time has been a little different.

Now the real question. Is this game worth playing? If you enjoy horror and interactive fiction, I would have to say yes. Though because of the type of game this is, it is certainly not for everyone. But like most games, I say you should at least try it! And if horror is not your thing, the company that made this game has similar ones of different genres!

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