Resistance – Book Review

Resistance is a science fiction novel following the adventure of Major Brett Johnson as he follows the extremely difficult to follow requests of the Space Force and Federalist Worlds to infiltrate the hivemind of Oceania. The hivemind comprising a large portion of the planet’s inhabitants. These hiveminds, or overminds, have a questionable history and maybe believe they need to be ended.

So first, Resistance is a story that will make you think a bit. Brett goes from being insanely against the idea of the hivemind, fearful that he will lose himself, to embracing this. There is a variety of reasons, and I will certainly not go in them all for fear of spoilers, however you leave the book thinking. Did he really change his mind himself? The people are him do seriously influence his views. 

Now, I somewhat think that his opinion changes a bit too quickly and a little drastically. I also felt the initial romance felt a bit forced. However, as the book continues, it starts to feel a bit more natural as the characters actually get to know one another.

So is Resistance worth reading? Most certainly! It is a solid science fiction novel any fan of the genre should pick up!

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