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This blog post has an affiliate link which, if you use and make a purchase, will supply me, the owner of a percentage of sales which will go to continuing to pay for the use of this website. You can find further information on my affiliate usage here:

So it can be hard to make a living doing what you love. In my case, this would be blogging about books and games. And if you are a regular reader, you know I try to do so as often as possible. I have been lucky enough to be able to put ads on my WordPress site, but it takes a lot of ads to be able to get a payment out. So, like many people, I decided to go looking for ways of gaining affiliate partnerships! In doing so, I found ShareASale!

ShareASale has hundreds of merchants you can get affiliate partnerships with. This site makes it easy to apply to different merchants as well as keep track of the various links you need to be able to share and promote the merchandise. As well as keep track of sales! I have found it particularly handy to have an easy view of all the information I need to know how well the links I post are doing, instead of having to search through various websites and find the information!

You can check out ShareASale here for more information!

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