Dark Creatures: A Simple Game – Book Review

Dark Creatures: A Simple Game is a contemporary fantasy novel with a bit of a twist. Computer gamers are given roles in a game that allow them to build the digital world based on their actions. However, playing the game has some affects on their own lives, seeming to allow strange changes as their roles lead to being more than just gamers. However, they may not actually be the ones in control.

When you first dive in to Dark Creatures it feels like your usual fantasy novel. Curious fictional creatures in a fantasy world, doing hero things, defeating the bad guy and saving the world. The usual. As you read, however, you find that this novel really has more layers than expected. You are not only reading about the adventures of two heroines but also their creator, and then beyond even that. This leads to a multilayered story that can feel a bit confusing but soon comes together towards the end of the book.

The characters are nicely made, though it felt as if more time was put in to making the antagonist unlikeable than making the protagonist likeable. This works out, however, as the villain is so unlikeable that you want to see him dead from the very point they introduce him. When you read the book, you will understand why.

In short, is Dark Creatures: A Simple Game worth reading? It is! If you are a fan of fantasy, pick it up! You will enjoy yourself! According to the back matter of the book there is also a squeal to look out for. I hope I get to read it soon! I really want to see the villain put in his place!

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