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So arcades and their games were a fairly big part of my life as a kid. There was an arcade in the local mall and I would stop in there any chance I got. My friends would play DDR but I, naturally, would be running off to shoot dinosaurs, criminals, or seeing if I could actually get Pac-Man or his Misses further than the first level. I’ve never been able to get very far in a Pac-Man game for some reason.

Anyway, with the slow extinction of arcades, and the world going upside down with COVID making it so no one really wants to go and touch the same controls as hundreds of other people, I was excited to find homearcadegames.com. Now admittedly, these home arcade games are on the expensive side, you there are payment options! I know I have a dream of picking up a totally awesome Jurassic Park game they sell.

Right now if you make a purchase from homearcadegames.com a portion of sales will go to books-and-games.com so I can keep providing honest reviews! Feel free to use this link to check out the Jurrassic Park game I mentioned and many more awesome home arcade games! Jurassic Park Pro Arcade Simulator Available Now!

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