The Four Suitors – Book Review

The Four Suitors by Sophie Jupillat Posey is a wonderful fantasy romance novel following the life of a spoiled princess who, after having her well for many years, is suddenly put in to the care of four suitors who are tasked with the duty to educate her. The one who does the best to be her husband. A strange demand, even in this fantastical world.

The Four Suitors is a solid fantasy novel, the world is well designed with some clear and solid world building elements. The universe is touched on briefly, showing that the author has put some serious thought in to even the various planets of this novel’s universe, not just the various countries needed for the novel. As world building can be a daunting task, it is always good to see it done well.

The characters in the story are also interesting. The main character in particular is shows some intense development, which everyone wants to see in a major character, though admittedly at the start of the book I found her to be such a repulsive child I also put the book down for a few hours, however, she does grow on the reader as you progress through the story.

In short, The Four Suitors is a wonderful fantasy novel with enough romance to get you that romance kick you are searching for. Pick it up, the read is very worth it!

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