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Two Turtle Doves – Short Story Review

Two Turtle Doves is a short story by Richard wall following a bullied teenager as he becomes obsessed with gaining the guitar of his dreams. Going so far as to murder to get the money to do so. This leads him down a path that drags him in to fame, but also to the top of a spiral that will lead him to a tormented life of drugs and death.

The tale is a dark display of obsession and anger. The main character’s story seeming to be a repeat of so many dead rockers from the glory days of rock and roll. How far can an individual go to get what they want, and how sweet is revenge when they get what they want? 

Two Turtle Doves is a fantastic short story you should pick up if you have twenty minutes to kill and are looking for a quick read, or if you just enjoy a dark rock and roll tale. This short story reads like many of the biographies of histories great musical stars. Pick it up, you will enjoy it!


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