Bloodstone: The Curse of Time Book 1 – Review

Bloodstone is the first novel in The Curse of Time series. It follows the life of Amelina as she tries to adjust to the tough life of a teenager, while also dealing with the fact that her family and the house they live in seem to be cursed. Amelina takes it upon herself, and her gift for using crystal magic, to purge this curse from her loved ones.

Bloodstone is an entertaining novel, well written with interesting characters. Its chapters are short and quick reads, making this a perfect ‘one more chapter before bed’ book. A quality that kept me up late the two days I was reading through this book.

The author does a wonderful job of capturing the drama of the teenage life, keeping up the tension between friends over topics that are relatable to anyone who remembers their teenage years.

Naturally, as this is the first book of a series there are several questions left unanswered, though the author did a wonderful job of wrapping up the main story of this book, I have high hopes that future additions to the series will answer questions that are left hanging like the proverbial loose strings.

So is Bloodstone worth reading? Yes, a fantastic option for fans of contemporary fantasy. Pick it up and enjoy the haunting life of Amelina. I know I am craving more.

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