Choice Cruise Lines – Book Review

Choice Cruise Lines by Jack Kregas is one of those novels that makes you stop and think. To consider what sort of choices, you would make if they diagnosed you with a terminal illness and actually had a choice whether or end the suffering or die slowly. Following the lives of several characters as they cope with these thoughts, we find various points of views and even the mentality of the men who start a most novel of ideas.

Choice Cruise Line is both a normal cruise and one where people go to end suffering before it gets to the hardest point. While they are still sane and capable of making the choice themselves.

The story obviously touches on dark subjects of death, and the legality and moral rightness of human euthanasia, so clearly this is not a book for the faint of heat, but it does not go in to death, it covers the subject from the point of view of those who will be slowly inching towards it. 

After finishing this book, I spent some time wondering if I would take, or offer, such an option to relatives I have seen die in slow and painful ways. As this is just a book review, I will not go in to that, but it certainly makes one think.

Is Choice Cruise Lines a good book? Yes, it is an amazing book, but go in to it with an open mind and you will enjoy it!

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