Imagine That – Children’s Book Review

Imagine That he Magic of the Mysterious Lights by George Yuhasz is an amazing children’s book about young Eyelyn who discovers the power of her imagination by the help of a mysterious magical woman who shows up in her yard at night. Embracing the magic of her imagination, Evelyn can picture her future as well as have fun!

The story of Imagine that is well written and easy to follow, which fits a delightful children’s book along with its entertainment value and this book is extremely entertaining. Beyond the well written and easy-to-understand story the art is colorful and leaves one with a smile on your face as you see bit and pieces of Eyelyn’s daily life and her imagination at work.

Imagine That is a creative story that will entertain not only the child reading, but the parent or guardian who may have settled in to enjoy this wonderful journey of imagination with them. This is a must read for every child with a colorful imagination and a love of fantastic stories and wonderful bright pictures!

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