Dead No More – Book Review

Dead No More by Pete Adams is a crime novel about a Detective seeking details on an old undercover case from some years ago. On the way to figuring out what kind of cover up she’s dealing with, she seems to collect a group of allies, including other cops, former cops, and a few lovers. The story is an interesting tale with characters who have real, if not bizarre personalities, and a story that keeps you dialed in.

The characters of Dead No More are realistic. They have colorful personalities and lusts that make them feel like real people. Leaving you to actually become invested in their stories, as well as their growth and how they handle the world around them. A well written character always makes a good story even better. And Dead No More certainly has a fantastic story.

It was fun following through the story as the characters each work their way through the hidden information regarding operation Rhubarb. I will not detail about the operation, to avoid ruining some key points to the story. However, reading of the characters navigating the complicated undercover history is an entertaining way to spend your day.

So, is Dead No More worth the read? If you are a fan of rough edged cop stories, pick it up. You will not be disappointed.

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