Alejandro’s Lie – Book Review

Alejandro’s Lie by Bob van Laerhoven is a novel following a man who recently was released from prison in a country held firmly in the grasp of a dictatorship. He and people who would use his musical skills to fight against the tyranny suffer through a strenuous life, coping with their own issues as they try to help the country they live in.

Alejandro’s Lie is a fantastic, though very dark, tale. Following the characters through their difficulties as they try to live under a dictatorship and convince the people to push for a new form a leadership is a potent reminder that not every country is comfortably settled in a cozy democracy. As well as how comfortable people can become in ignoring the issues of a country.

The characters of Alejandro’s Lie are well written and realistically tortured and tormented souls that are relatable to any reader who has taken more than a few moments to consider how imperfect people are. They fit the story and setting so well that their painful journey leaves you wanting to root for them even as they continue to display how damaged they are.

Is Alejandro’s Lie worth reading? If you can handle a dark tale with damaged characters, I would strongly suggest this wonderful book.

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