Population Zero – Short Story Review

Population Zero was a thinker of a short story. Several worlds with out the life of people are explained. Be those reasons ranging from a lack of sunlight to pandemic, each world is described in outstanding, and slightly horrifying, detail about how life ended or could end and what, if anything, was still lingering and nibbling on the meatless skeleton of human civilization. 

At first, I was not sure what to think of the story. We currently live in a world where people are terrified of one thing or another, be it COVID-19 or some other dreadful issue we are still dealing with as a society, so when the narration of the story aimed in the COVID-19 direction I wanted to just put it down, but I decided to continue to read. I found myself amazingly satisfied with the ending of the tale and I was glad that I kept going.

The book is well written. The worlds described are fascinating in their darkness, both literal and metaphorical. The narration of the story is from a point of view that is painfully relatable in our world these days. I wish I could explain this more without actually ruining the story, however, I strongly suggest everyone pick up this short story for a quick read.

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