The 13th Zodiac

The 13th Zodiac by Lacey Krauch is an entertaining novel of exciting fantasy and political intrigue. Young Liya is apparently doomed from birth as her future is tied closely to the god like Titans that created the world, as well as those of twelve zodiac symbol bearing people. A prophecy has been told and it will eventually be filled. Though how and when it will complete itself is anyone’s guess.

The 13th Zodiac is exciting characters, many of which bear similar personalities to those told of the Zodiac symbols they wear. The characters are realistic for a fantasy setting and entertaining, making it easy to feel for them as they go through their journey.

The world the story takes place in is creatively made. And while I had a few complaints about some very modern sounding aspects, such as the use of jeans, the rest of the modern aspects of the story, such as firearms, are explained in a way that makes sense for the setting. My complaint only stems from teh fact that I read a lot of fantasy and I found myself pulled out of the story a bit when they were mentioned, however I quickly found myself drawn back in by the story itself.

So, is the 13th Zodiac worth reading? Yes, yes, yes! Pick it up if you are looking for an exciting fantastical tale! I know I am looking forward to reading more of Lacey Krauch’s work!

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