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Night Warrior – Audiobook Review

I just finished Night Warrior by Jordan J. Scavone and narrated by Elizabeth Elieson. It is a fascinating tale about a young writer whose creations somehow manage to come to her own reality. An honestly terrifying concept to some, I know I would never want some of my writing creations to show up. This fascinating tale drags all the usual fantasy tropes, heros, werewolves, magical swords and the like in to the real world, leading to some interesting interactions.

As stated before Night Warrior is an interesting tale of fantasy well written with characters who are certainly interesting enough that you want to stay invested in the story to see what happens to them. There is humor, heartbreak, and adventure that will make this an exciting story for any fan of the fantasy genre.

Now I listened to Night Warrior, as the author sent me a copy of the audiobook some time ago and I just dragged myself through my backlog enough to finally sit down and enjoy the tale. The narration was excellent. Elizabeth Elieson’s attempt at giving us voices that fit each character is well done. It is always good to enjoy an audiobook read by someone who allows you to feel the characters as you hear them.

Night Warrior is a must read. I also suggest listening to it!


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