Behind the Veil – Book Review

Behind the Veil leads us in to the life of Letitia, a woman with a supernatural gift to see the dead and feel people’s emotions and minds. This allows her a comfortable living as she tries to use it to help people. However, there is always a dark side to these amazing talents, and Letitia has lost as much as she has helped people find closure. As such, we are brought in to a dark and exciting story as she tries to help a young girl and her family.

As stated Behind the Veil is a dark story, the book itself even has a content warning, so if you are the sort of reader who may be triggered by some of the darker aspects of life, or death, I will strongly suggest you do not read this story. However, for everyone capable of dealing with dark aspects, Behind the Veil has them in scores. While the dark aspects are a major part of the story, they are not displayed simply for the favor of shock value and add both to the story and the absolute repulsion of the antagonist. You really want to hate this villain as soon as you learn about him.

Beyond the dark aspects however, Behind the Veil has a grand story of a widow trying to survive the world, damaged and jaded from life. It is an excellent story and anyone who has ever lost a loved one will be able to relate to Letitia’s plight.

So is Behind the Veil worth the read? Certainly! Pick it up if you are looking for something on the darker side of things. I know I loved it.

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