Central Florida Comic Con – Elmon Dean Todd

Now the second awesome person I got to speak with at Central Florida Comic Con was Elmon Dean Todd. Now, as readers and friends of mine will happily confirm, if there is one thing I like more than books, it’s games. So it thrilled me to not only discover the Godshard series of books, but to also hear that it is being turned in to a video game with a hesitant 2023 due date. I do not know about the rest of you, but I certainly enjoy a game that has been carefully created as opposed to something thrown out the door to meet deadlines. So I hope they take their time and produce an outstanding game.

Now I can’t say I have finished the books I bough when I was at CFCC, even a voracious reader such as myself has to stop, eat, drink, and get the day job out of the way. I will give a full review of the books once I finish them. I can however say that it is a quality, well made paperback with some fine art that I am looking forward to officially cracking.

I also had fun speaking with Elmon Dean Todd who was kind enough to speak to me. He’s been writing for some time, saying he was inspired by classic RPGs and series he found while he lived in Japan. As a huge fan of the JRPG genre it gives me a lot of hope for his series, both book form and the upcoming game! I hope to talk to him more in the future.

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