Central Florida Comic Con – Steve Conley

The first writer I spoke with was Steve Conley. Steve was super friendly and willing to talk about his work and his work and his history with comics. He is the author of The Middle Ages, which before this day I had not read before, and since, I have probably spent wayyyyy too much time reading. I have deadlines to meet, but this comic is really great! The art work is reminiscent of classic newspaper comics and the story is entertaining as well.

Steve himself has been drawing most of his life. And as he told me he got in to the comic business because it was “the thing I was least bad at” tell me that’s not a relatable thought?

I hope to discuss his history, and The Middle Ages with Steve in more detail once I have finished the comic, or at least caught up to it. If you are interested in learning more about him or reading his work, you can find it at https://steveconley.com/

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