Central Florida Comic Con- Marcus Roberts

Here I am again talking about someone I met at Central Florida Comic Con! Marcus Roberts the COO of Second Sight Publishing, was there with a few of the companies’ creatives. Marcus has been in to comics a long time. He told me he started reading them back in the 60s and 70s. That’s an impressive length of time to enjoy something. No fair-weather fan here.

Marcus told me he enjoys horror comics the most and that he created his own stories because he has always been a storyteller. I picked up one of his comics, The Protector. While I could not read it yet, I really am looking forward to it. He also admitted to pretending to be an extrovert, which is a really relatable statement for any introvert who wants to get their work out there!

I really hope I get to speak to Marcus Roberts again! And I look forward to reading his work.

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