Cinema 7 – Book Review

Cinema 7 by Michael J. Moore is a chilling horror. A tale of revenge, possession, and the risen dead that also has all the gruesomeness of a zombie story. Cinema 7 is certainly not a novel for those who may be easily offended by the darker aspects of humanity, but certainly an exciting tale if you are a fan of dark horror stories. 

It has been a long time since I read a horror story that made me pause and think about what was going on. The detail in which the story is told are wonderful. The characters are certainly relatable, particularly the man characters who are teenagers and certainly feel like they are in all their uncomfortable, self-conscious glory. This is grand because a story with a perfect character gets boring really fast. 

As stated, this is a dark story, and certainly not for the faint of heart, however even the most grotesque scenes of this novel have a place and feel as though they are not simply there for the shock value, though they can certainly be shocking.

In short, Cinema 7 is a must read for fans of horror.

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