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Enemy – Book Review

I have always enjoyed a good dystopian book. There is something relatable about reading how people have systematically voted their own rights away or had them ripped from them. How every horrible aspect of history that we believe we have learned from shown to be nothing. I am now adding Enemy to my collection of dystopian novels that I will reread when I feel as though I need to escape what I tell myself is a stressful reality. Someone certainly has it worse.

Enemy follower several characters as they attempt to plot and kill their way to the top, or to assume freedom. They kill, they steal, they like and they sneak. Both the clear bad guys and the assumed good guys. People will do what they need to survive in the horrible world that they now live in. 

Enemy jumped between various characters, telling you their stories as it goes. The characters are realistic. They fit well in the dystopian world, and are so well written that you want to learn about them, even the ones who appear the villains. Each one has their reasons for doing what they do, selfish, or assumed greater good.

The story itself is a classic dystopian post ‘end of war’ setting that while done multiple times by other novels is handled well, my the author and does not feel like a tired cliche but a well formed and built dystopian world.

Pick up this novel, you will not regret it.


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