Surrogate Colony – Book Review

Surrogate Colony by Boshra Rasti is a dystopian novel following a young woman and her love interest as they try to come to terms with the fact that they seem to be very strange in a world full of people who are doing what is expected of them, and where everyone future is laid down for them by a supercomputer and its algorithms.

The characters are interesting. As the main characters are young adults, they have a number of emotional issues that should be addressed by the cocktail of various medication that the government expects them to take regularly. Sadly, the medications do not seem to work perfectly for our main character, leaving her in an uncomfortable position.

The story itself was good. However, there were a few plot gaps that had me wondering. The main characters seemed to jump to some conclusions before things were explained. And the villain, while yes, a villain, seems to have no particular reason to do what is happening. However, despite these issues, Surrogate Colony is a dark and entertaining dystopian story that I found myself inhaling rather quickly. I honestly hope a sequel is written as the story ended on a note one would be perfect for as well as hoping some more questions are answered.

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