The Man with the Golden Mind – Book Review

The Man with the Golden Mind is another fantastic novel Detective Maier series by Tom Vater, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Maier is on another case, dragged in by a woman who comes seeking his help. Despite still recovering from the issues brought on by his previous case, he ends up taking in. In the process he runs in to old friends, and family he never expected to ever see.

Like the previous Maier book, The Man with the Golden Mind is a thrilling adventure taking place in Asia. This second book, at least in my not so humble opinion, is better than the first. Maier feels more fleshed out, and he was already a great character and the traumatic things he goes through make you feel even more for the protagonist of this series.

As with all of his work, Vater paints us the rough uncomfortable aspects of the lands his characters visit and the beauty of the areas, giving us a colorful and exciting view of the world he writes so passionately about.

Another fantastic Vater book, that any fan of fiction should pick up and add to their collection.

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